He was a Royal Air Force pilot
Shot down over France.
Just before the evacuation of the British Army
From Dunkirk.

He landed in a field
And quickly disentangled himself
From his parachute,
And ran towards the trees.

He saw a deep ditch
And threw himself into it.
He heard moaning,
Which came from a woman in labor.

She could speak no English,
He no French.
At great danger to himself
He stayed with her.

By the pale moonlight
He delivered her baby.
He understood her question.
My name is Jimmy, he told her.

She was a refugee on the crowded roads in France,
Fleeing from the invading Germans in 1940.
She gave her son
The name Jimmy.

The Battle of Britain
Soon followed.
He became a hero,
Shooting down many planes.

He receive many medals
And listened to many speeches
About his bravery and skills As a pilot.
But no speeches

Had as much meaning
As the heartfelt, Merci, Jimmy
He had heard in that deep ditch in France.