Harvest Moon

What think you of the Harvest Moon
  with It's bright silver path?

I think of the soft murmuring of a
  lover's tryst on a moonlit lover's lone.

Or the silver light shining through
  bedroom windows.
Or throwing shadows over gardens softly
   revealing the lost roses of summer.

What think you of the Harvest Moon?
   I think back to the terror of burning cities,
Birmingham, London, Liverpool,
  Glasgow, Plymouth and Coventry.

I think of the beautiful silver path
   which lead bombers
of evil
   to kill and to maim.

I think of people huddled together
  In shelters
I think of the cries of children
  buried In the debris of their houses.  

I think of the terrible silence when
   their cries and screams ceased.
I think of our wanting peace,
   but not at any price.

The silver path of the Harvest Moon
   should be the path to our dreams.
The shining moon should be for lovers,
   but never a beacon for bombers.