Heidrunís Garden

The garden covers an area of 1700m and is situated at 506m on a north eastern slope overlooking the valley as far as the Glarner mountains on the one side and the Obersee on the other. Steps lead from the garages at road level through the first rose arch to the lowest garden level. On the left light colours dominate - variegated hydrangeas, white fringed hostas, white roses, but also peonies, ladies mantle, lavender and delicate saxifraga. The bed on the right sits on a low wall - in May when the lilac is in full bloom, dark red peonies, blue irises, purple allium steal the show. In June, Lavender, catmint, pink Fairy roses and blue geranium take over. Through the flowering cherry, Felicite et Perpetue, an old rambler rose cascades like a white waterfall through the dark leaves. Then in July, Immensee - a simple white groundcover rose is splendid as it follows the length of the wall like a wide band, even creeping up the lilac tree.

The entrance to the house, at the next, the main level, is embraced by a pink clematis and roses. From here the view opens with the planting acting as a natural frame. A low bed with roses first planted in 1972 is now heavily underplanted wtih iris and sedum, santolina, lavender, stachys, geums, catmint and calamintha giving the bed a full, soft and natural appearance. The little wood below with its giant ash trees serves as a magnificent backdrop to the higher bush roses. The wood-framed pool appears embedded in flowers. Various blue clematis cover the walls hiding the compost area, tall roses - burgundy and apricot take up the height of the wall.

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